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Founded in 1991, Navarro Construction, Inc. has evolved into a full service design-build firm. With customer satisfaction and exemplary craftsmanship, Navarro Construction, Inc. has brought hundreds of projects from concept through completion, always on time and on budget. With a full service staff, in house and in the field, our projects are managed smoothly and effortlessly from start to finish. Excellent communication and accountability are two key factors that contribute to our client's satisfaction and seamless end results. A project is not considered finished until the client is completely satisfied and all needs are met.  Accountability is of utmost importance to Navarro Construction, Inc. , and a true testament to this is the fact that Navarro Construction, Inc. has only worked by referral  since 1991. Our client's referrals and their overall satisfaction is by far the best advertisement that any firm could hope for. Our goal is that at the end of a project, the client is happy, and is satisfied by the experience and the end result of their beautiful project. 


With several hundred projects under belt, Alfred Navarro and Navarro Construction, Inc. have built a reputation based upon integrity, accountability and communication. From concept through completion we've got you covered. All related services associated within the remodeling process are addressed from the very beginning from the concept visualization through the entire design process (architectural/structural design, all finishes, paint schedule, surfaces; stone, tile, carpet, etc., lighting diagrams, specifications, and hardware, down to the very last door knob and cabinet pull), and finished with an assurance that the customer is satisfied. Our philosophy is this: "Cover all of the details, right from the start."  The time spent on the front end of the project allows us and you to know where the numbers are- even before the build takes place. This allows us to proceed forward, designing a project that is relative to you and your budget. Knowing what to anticipate before the project starts certainly takes a lot of pressure off of the client. A well thought-out project is a smart project. 


Shouldn't you know what you are going to spend before you break ground?  This is the beauty of design-build.  
This is the effectiveness of Navarro Construction.



Services Offered:


Architectural Design

New Build Construction

Remodeling Services

Custom Fabrication

Project Management

Expert Witness Testimony

Permit/Planning Expedition