LIC NO 781996 B, C-10, C-36, C-5



CEO / General Contractor


Alfred, a Southern California native and founder of Navarro Construction,Inc., comes from a long lineage of builders. From a young age Alfred was involved in his family trade learning carpentry, plumbing and electric skills that fed his curiosity and cultivated an interest in building anything he could get his hands on. He had a natural grasp for all construction trades, which led him to open a home repair business at the age of 19. This was the start of Navarro Construction, Inc. As his knowledge and business grew, Alfred then began to build his licensure, obtaining his General, Plumbing, Electric, and Carpentry licenses. In addition to leading Navarro Construction, Inc. in the field, Alfred also performs expert witness testimony for arbitration and trial. His level of honesty, integrity and knowledge certainly set him apart from most contractors. With an innate ability for spacial conceptualization and realization, Alfred can instantly recognize your home's potential and, with his team, he can make it a long lasting reality; one for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  With Alfred's approach, we achieve the best value while meeting all scheduling, cost and quality goals. Alfred leads our collaborative project management team and delivers the end result with an on-time project that is always solution driven.